Tap into your body’s natural healing with Craniosacral Therapy

Speed up your natural healing processes and promote ongoing wellbeing through our therapeutic services.

Facilitate Health and Wellbeing

Through our gentle hands-on techniques, we call forth deep and profound healing from within. Relieving your chronic pain and managing chronic toxicity that comes from a variety of ailments.

Relief Aches, Pains & Strains
Manage Conditions
Emotional Wellbeing

Peaceful and relaxing! Carol has a special way about her and the Craniosacral technique she practices gave my old injury that wasn’t really healing a real kick start. She is really getting this hiking nature lover moving again!!

— Natalie Kleinbeck

Tailored Therapeutic Services To Your Body

During a session, I feel for the gentler energies and subtle movements of the body which direct and communicate what is needed. I use the rhythm of the Craniosacral system to locate and release restrictions within the system.

In this way I am able to work with my clients to call forth deep and profound healing from within. The number of sessions needed varies and has to do with the severity of the condition and the length of time it has been developing.

About Carol Kakoczky

Carol is a certified craniosacral therapist and licensed massage therapist. With over twenty years of experience and training she has helped thousands of clients recover from all sorts of conditions and injuries both chronic and acute. She has been a teaching assistant for the Upledger Institute since the 90’s. Even today she continues to study and take classes to further develop her skills.

Find relief through hands-on, personalized therapy

At sometime in life most of us find ourselves needing a little help managing a health issue. If that’s where you are we’d love to help you get things back on track.