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Below are some of the modalities I offer and have had many hours of training in but I have more to draw upon. My years of experience as a physical therapy assistant give me options and choices and a wider view to bring to my clients. I also want to mention yoga because it has been a part of my life since I was a teenager. When needed during a treatment I can use the relaxation techniques or a meditations to help someone get in touch with their inner landscape. It can be very helpful.

CranioSacral Therapy

This treatment nourishes and nurtures the container of our being, It promotes ongoing good health through self awareness.

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Lymph Drainage Therapy

The lymphatic system is a beautiful fine web that weaves around all the internal structures of our bodies. Its job is to removes waste and toxins from our tissue. I access the system gently with light hand so receiving a treatment is deeply relaxing.

Surgery, trauma and health problems can overwhelm the lymph system causing fluid and toxins to build up. A treatment is designed to decrease puffiness and restore proper lymphatic flow.

Lymphatic drainage therapy can benefit people with lymphedema, fibromyalgia, chronic epstein barr, lyme disease, recovering from cancer treatment, pre and post surgery, and especially when recovering from mastectomy or liposuction.

SomatoEmotional Release

From time to time during a craniosacral session sensations arise that allow the client to see a connection between something that happened in the past and its effect on life now. We call this process samatoemotional release. It allows old injury sites to first be seen and then these restricting energies can simply be released.

Dr Upledger called this process his advanced work because of it effectiveness in healing past trauma both physical and emotional. After the process people often report having had a profound experience, feeling lighter with less pain.

Pediatric CranioSacral Therapy

A craniosacral therapy evaluation and treatment is one of the kindest things you can do for a newborn. It will minimize the effects of the birthing process and ease the transition to the outside world. A few CST sessions will help the newborn’s body learn to rest and digest properly putting the baby on the road to good future health. As a child grows CST will support their physical and emotional development in many positive ways.

Here are a few good reasons to bring a baby in to see me: digestive problems, spitting up and reflux, constipation, breastfeeding and latching problems, tongue tie before and after surgery, head shape concerns, children with sensory integration issues, and autism.

Brain Therapy

This effective advanced-level work was developed by the French DO Dr Bruno Chikly. It focuses on specific brain structures and the spinal nerves. The techniques used release brain-centered restrictions as well as the damaging effects that these restrictions cause. High impact trauma like the ones gotten during an auto accidents, sports injury, a hit or a fall adversely affect these delicate structures that spend their day monitoring and regulating our hormones, temperature, metabolism.and so much more.

Visceral Work

Visceral Manipulation is used to locate and solve problems throughout the body. It was developed by a French osteopath and physical therapist Jean-Pierre Barral. It releases restrictions in connective tissue that impair the important functions that go on in our belly’s and abdomens. It is helpful for conditions like bloating, constipation, nausea, acid reflux, swallowing dysfunctions, and organ health. It also has a positive influence on general metabolism.

What to expect

Sessions are conducted in my Issaquah office and generally last 60-75 minutes. The patient remains fully clothed and reclines on a massage table. CranioSacral therapy is extremely light touch with hands often remaining still for a while. After the treatment you can expect to feel lighter, more relaxed and if pain was present before the treatment lessened. This gentle yet powerful form of therapy is ideal for alleviating symptoms of injury or disease whether they are old or new, emotional or physical in origin.

Session pricing: $110 for 60 minutes, $165 for 90 minutes, a 30 minute pediatric treatment is $60.00

Find relief through hands-on, personalized therapy

At sometime in life most of us find ourselves needing a little help managing a health issue. If that’s where you are we’d love to help you get things back on track.